360° Office Hygiene checklist

In the wake of social distancing, getting every employee on board with office hygiene likely won’t meet with much resistance. Even so, there are several ways you can encourage each employee to keep up these healthy habits once things start to settle into the new normal. 

Provide a checklist for guidance including: 

Encourage good hand-washing  practices within your workplace.
Discourage presenteeism in the office – consciously create an office culture where it is “okay” to work from home or take the day off when you’re feeling ill. 
Keep supplies stocked and readily available. Make sure supply cabinets are well marked.
Place disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, waste bins (for easy disposal), and face coverings at strategic spots in high-traffic areas.
Make space-hygiene practices a regular part of corporate communication.  
Get your staff into the habit of pitching in – proactively wiping down surfaces they use (even when they’re healthy), making recommendations on cleaning practices, supply levels, or areas in need of attention, etc. 
Provide a channel for the above improvements and service requests, either through a formal ticketing system or simply an email with a dedicated gatekeeper. 
Consider automatic or “touchless” office upgrades that reduce contact, such as:
• Motion-detecting light switches
• Entry and in-office doors
• Towel dispensers and hand-dryers
• Soap/sanitizer/lotion dispensers


Electrostatic sprayers provide an electrical charge to the solution, giving a 360° wrap around effect with even coverage which stays effective for 14 days.

The solution envelopes all surfaces; shadowed, vertical and underneath