When it comes to our homeowners, the team at Effective Energy Solutions is committed to providing quality workmanship, on time and on budget. We bring our expertise in all phases of residential electrical service while maintaining excellent customer service. There’s no residential electrical task that the EES electricians don’t handle adeptly. From completely updating the wiring and services of older and historic homes to installation of the latest technology, our electricians are experts. Residential fixture installations or wiring troubleshooting are treated with as much care and dedication as the wiring of an elaborate remodel, or new home construction. We wire all the new technology–video doorbells, security cameras, electric vehicle charging stations and more. Perhaps most importantly, our electricians are respectful to every customer, every home and are sensitive to all cultures. We understand it can be uncomfortable having people working in your home. Our electricians are kind, courteous, happy to answer any questions and clean up after themselves. We do our very best to accommodate you in every way.
Wiring for New Construction
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Wiring for Additions
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Interior Lighting Planning and Installation
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Lightning Protection
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Wiring for Heating and Cooling Systems
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation
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